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Fan Charity Auction: Help GKTW

This is posted with mod approval.

help_gktw is a fan charity auction in support to Give Kids The World, an organization that helps very ill children.

Signs up for artists and offerers are open until September 15. (Bidding will only open on September 16.)

You can find the full calendar and link to all kinds of offering posts here.

Thank you by advance for participating and spreading the word!

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There's not long to go now guys! This has been very successful and there have been so many people offering items and stacks of bids!!! This is just a small reminder to let you know that if you that this round will be ending soon so if you haven't made that bid yet, you'd better get in soon. If you haven't offered that piece, get it up so people have the chance to buy it before time runs out!

The countdown officially ends on
GMT MIDNIGHT, MAY 31st, 2001


Hello, everyone, littleriri1148  here. I just wanted to spread the good news. I had recently contacted bluemeringue , the editor of livejournal for assistance on prompting this community.  I got a reply from her today and this is what they are helping us with:

We will highlighted the next livejournal newsletter.
They will be donating two annual paid accounts to be auctioned off.

I gave the news to Muse this morning and she was excited. Now I'm spreading the word to you.
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Some parents choose to wrap their babies to put them to sleep as wrapping can help babies to develop a more settled sleep pattern. Other parents, however, find that wrapping is not helpful. Whether you choose to wrap or not is your choice.

There are several benefits to wrapping your baby including:
  • It can help small babies to develop a more settled sleep pattern.
  • Older unsettled babies may sleep better if wrapped firmly.
  • Babies whose sleep is disturbed by colic or reflux can be more settled when wrapped.
  • Wrapping helps to prevent random arm movements which can disturb their sleep.
  • Babies with stiff or floppy limbs may benefit from being wrapped (talk to your local child health nurse or physiotherapist).

Collapse )

For wrapping to be effective it needs to be firm but not tight. Babies generally prefer wrapping as it restricts movement and the lack of movement is similar to the womb but if the wrap is too tight, it will most likey just scare your baby and can restrict blood flow. The recommended fabrics for wraps are muslin or light cotton sheets/wraps. Bigger, more active babies may need a cotton sheet.

Bunny rugs and blankets are not as safe for use as wraps as they may cause over-heating. You must ensure the wrap does not cover your baby’s face and make sure they are not overdressed underneath the wrap. Stick to light layers eg/ a singlet and nappy in warm weather or a light grow suit in cooler weather.
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As your baby will probably spend a great deal of time in his/her cot, there are a few things you can do to make their sleeping environment safer and help prevent SIDS/SUDI.

Mattress Wrapping
Bumpers and Pillows
Positional Aids/Anti-Rolling Aids

Mattress Wrapping

It was once suggested that wrapping a mattress was an excellent way to prevent SIDS. The theory was that mattresses emitted toxic gases, unknowingly to parents, and these were potent enough to affect a baby. Since then, scientific research has been carried out worldwide to either prove or disprove this theory and the overwhelming results have shown that there is, indeed, no evidence to support a connection between wrapping mattresses and the prevention of SIDS.

Bumpers and Pillows

Cot bumpers and pillows can be extremely stylish and cute as well as being surprisingly common. However, it is advised that parents not use these in their baby's cot. Equipment such as these, as well as loose blankets and toys, can become tangled up in the cot and around your baby, reducing the flow of oxygen. Some theories suggest that the constant rebreathing of carbon dioxide in babies is a factor in the incidence of SIDS/SUDI.

Positional Aids/Anti-Rolling Aids

When a baby begins rolling, some parents may decide to buy a positional aid such as an anti-roll pillow to help keep their baby on its back. However, these aids are not recommended as incorrect use can lead to death in infants. Babies can roll in an incorrectly set-up positional aid and be caught in a position which prevents a proper intake of air. If they are not strong enough to pull themselves out of this, or unable to turn their heads, it can be potentially fatal.